Jump Street


Jump! For my love.

Jump for my new jumpsuit fresh off the sewing press.


I have just converted myself to jumpsuits courtesy of Republique du Chiffon’s Dominique.



This is by far the trickiest make to date, not only because it was technically difficult but because it was really a very ‘down with the kids’ retro eighties make.

I was afraid this was going to look a bit like an eighties ‘soccer mom’ or a land girl.


It’s a bit nerve wracking to make something that looks fabulous on the 19 year old pattern model who can freely saunter around Paris but maybe a little risky for a librarian mama who lives in Plymouth.

For those not in the know, Plymouth is beautiful but not a particularly fashion forward location.


However, I’ve been reliably informed by honest husband, frank visiting BFF’s and a daughter who at 4 has already questioned some of my ‘taste’, it suits, it fits, I don’t look like mechanic.


So I suppose that sewing has led me in another new direction style wise. I probably wouldn’t have even bothered trying a jumpsuit on in Toppers but there is something quite different about your own homegrown version.



Check out my flaps and snaps.

Despite a lot of pressing I have also ended up with a wandering collar.



Check it out, we’ve finally made it outside people. In the 20 minutes of sunshine gifted to us by the Great British summertime, I managed to badger my husband into taking a few snaps. We have now dubbed him Mr InstaHusband…he’s very accepting.

So happy was I with my new jumpsuit power that I’ve already started a ‘lounge’ version which is hanging in the background.

So, jumpsuits are definitely the way forward. Lately with the world the way it is, I’ve been suffering from decision fatigue. Maybe a jumpsuit is what is called for in these confusing times, one garment decision in unified form.

What I’m really trying to say is just wear a jumpsuit. Man, woman or child. Just locate a jumpsuit and put it on. Little, silly decisions like wearing a jumpsuit can just make life seem more fun. Less fash…more fun!








  1. Yay for jumpsuits! Love ’em and yours looks fab! I made one for fancy dress (April O’Neill) and seriously wanted to wear it basically for the rest of my days. I’ve since made a short BHL Holly jumpsuit which I think is more flattering for my chunkier legs than something longer but I’ve seen several great versions of this so probably need to get it.

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