Swit swoo.

I made a fancy grown up dress with some weird Japanese fabric that was so slippery it could probably just slink across the room of its own accord.


Everyone needs a fancy pants dress, even if they have no place to wear it. I had intended to make this to wear to a wedding but alas our kitchen build meant that it wasn’t meant to be. And that was also the last wedding for a while, but as an aside I did wear one that I made earlier. Any of my single friends want to hurry it up a little just so I can wear this? I’ll even attend elopements, provided its a sunny day and there’s gin.


So still haven’t found a suitable replacement for the teal wall, so we now have temporary white chimney breast with artful telephone wire hanging about and pictures that I don’t know where to hang on the floor. Classy.


This is a kind of ‘billowy’ dress from Lotta Jansdotter’s sewing book. Not my usual style but I think that the belt makes it more fabulous than frumpy, it does because I burnt my finger ironing the worlds slinkiest material. So it does. Look. Fabulous.


I’ve pleasantly surprised myself with this one. There was no deep despair while constructing it but I did detect a hefty dose of indifference when Sue Perkins on Thronecast held my attention for longer than my sewing did.

Then I tried it on and thought hmmm…what does this remind me of? A bit Kings Landing Hand maiden?


It’s been over 6 months since I last bought any ready to wear threads, and I feel like I’ve come out of the other side and no longer even wonder what H&M have got in this week or get sweaty palms when the sales start.

My self imposed challenge has already changed the way I think about what I wear everyday and to be more economical in my style choices.

I feel far more myself in my clothes than I ever did before. If I’m going to make something, I make sure it’s going to be worth the time and effort per wear, and that I feel like I’m in my own skin rather than the one that a fashion label decided for me.

I even noticed there seems to be a definite uniform emerging, is this what being a grown up lady is like?

No, this is what being a sewing boss feels like.


  1. This dress looks great, good colour combination! I don’t shop RTW either (but I am thinking of getting some basic tanks, though), but one of my local fabric stores just announced their summer sale, so I was all over the website, checking out the selection.

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