Hello 2016! Let’s make a plan.

This week I have been trying to plan a list of what I would like to sew before the year is out, sorry I’ll rephrase that, this week I have been obsessively pinning, instagram stalking and googling other peoples sewing. I’ve also been sewing, working and organizing a small persons birthday. Coffee gratefully received.



This is the librarian in me. I have an idea, the idea cannot rest until I have googled it every which way. Until my eyes hurt, my tea has been left untouched and I’ve given myself backlight induced insomnia. I even gave myself sewing associated dreams this week.

But I have a list. I love lists.

  1. Watson bra plus pants…clearly this will eventually become a necessity!
  2. Lined jacket or maybe this Teddy jacket
  3. Jumpsuit
  4. A pair of jeans made to fit me!
  5. Dungarees
  6. A formal wedding guest dress
  7. Bikini
  8. Smart trousers
  9. His ‘n hers duffel coats
  10. Stand out shirt

If this was work it would totally be called a sewing goals roadmap.

As well as planning I also took delivery of my xmas present to myself. A lovely fabric delivery all the way from Japan. I got a nasty new years sting from customs on this one, but as soon as I ripped open the parcel in my restrained and totally ladylike way I knew it was worth it. Some of it has already made it’s way to the cutting board.



I’ve been sewing my socks off tonight, so I can have a new dress to wear on a rainy Saturday morning. You know you need a new dress to drink coffee, and currently binge watch Girls while I do sewing research. Blog post to follow on the finished product.


Lastly, the very best thing about the first week of my challenge has been the very nice comments I’ve gotten from far and wide. This project has already made 2016 quite enjoyable, even in January.