Introducing Robe Melanie


This is the Robe Melanie pattern from Geraldine Debeauvois’  (Republique du Chiffon) beautiful book Un Ete Couture. I was a little skeptical when I first saw this pattern, (a dress with a zip at the front??) but lovely versions kept popping up and I knew it would challenge my currently limited skillset too!


Mistakes I made:

  1. Do not measure yourself for a dress before Christmas and then make it after all the cheese, wine and chocolate has mysteriously disappeared from your house.
  2. Read the pattern and read it again so that you know you should include seam allowances.


Little victories:

1.Patterns are not always right. This one had a significant mistake in the shoulder assembly. It felt nice that I worked it out by by myself and was able to correct it.

2.I put in a zip, my first zip! I was terrified of ending up with a massively wonky zip and having to bin some very nice fabric but with a lot of googling and a lot of patience, pinning and planning it went in perfectly the first time.

3. I used really nice fabric. Still getting used to taking scissors to something that is so pretty it should be framed! I fell in love with this when a new sewing cafe opened in my city and just couldn’t let it stay in the shop. If you’re in Plymouth check out Make@140.


This is by far the nicest thing I’ve ever made and I’m so pleased that I can share a success. I had a tiny panic about my 2016 challenge just before i started this dress, something about going cold turkey from shopping during the sale maybe? Now that I’ve made this dress I feel a lot more confident and relaxed about the year ahead.