Out with the old…


I spent the afternoon having a final clear out before 2016 arrives. The local charity shop will get a bumper load from me this year! Going through my wardrobe was a ruthless and cathartic exercise, getting rid of lots of stuff that was past its best or seemed like a good idea at the time.

The image above is my current handmade wardrobe, it’s the first time I’ve ever hung everything up together and I was surprised to see how far it stretched across the bedroom wall! Please excuse the wrinkles, the iron and I only commune when pressing out seams.

There are 12 items here (plus a couple in the wash) and each make has taught me something different about sewing, and the importance of reading instructions properly. Each item fits me properly, makes me feel comfortable and gives me a lovely feeling of surprise and satisfaction when some one compliments me and I get to say “I made it myself”.

I will still be wearing some of my existing ready to wear items in my wardrobe alongside my own clothes but as the year wears on and my clothes wear out hopefully old favourites will be replaced by new handmade ones. In 366 days (2016 leap year) hopefully there will be another photo of my new handmade wardrobe.

Have a great new years eve!