2016: Adventures in Sewing

IMG_9021As Christmas approaches and 2015 draws to a close my mind turns to the new year and new challenges. As a whole 2015 was a tricky year for me personally and focusing on sewing really helped and acted as a kind of therapy at times. I also noticed after a few months of sewing my own wearable clothes that my bank balance was looking healthier than it had done it in a while, my own makes didn’t look out of place in my wardrobe and I really wasn’t that interested in getting my retail fix. This sewing thing began to feel like a big deal in my life.

So in 2016 I would like to sew my own wardrobe. I thought for a long time about how disciplined I wanted to be, I definitely don’t want my enjoyable challenge to feel like work but I don’t want to flake out either!

1. I will not buy any ready to wear clothes.

2. I will attempt to make at least one item of clothing per week. (disclaimer: work, illness, holidays and child may affect regularity)

3. I will challenge myself to break out of my comfort zone. My feed will not be swamped by 52 versions of the same dress. This is not about playing it safe!

4. I will share my mistakes. It’s part of the process, mistakes should be shared, it’s how we learn to get better.

5. I will maintain my blog!

Wish me luck!