I’m Tif. I live in beautiful South Devon, although like a lot of people we’re often too busy to notice our surroundings but every now and then we like to check out the view.

Last September I bought a sewing machine but I’ve only really felt like my actual understanding and appreciation of how to sew has fallen into place in the last few months. Stuff is starting to be worn with pride rather than ending up a bit wonky and in the charity bag. Moreover, sewing has become a bit of an antidote to the stresses and strains of modern life. A bit of reminder to think carefully about what you’re wearing, how it’s made and where. I’ve banned myself from my previous fast fashion habits and now am going to pursue a wardrobe made by me for me.

Me and my machine.

I’m averaging out a make per week, and my family and friends must be bored of having to saw wow and give me the gold star of approval. So I need a space to record how I’m progressing, plus stepping back to appreciate how lovely life really is in SW, no matter what it might chuck at you.

And coffee, all this is fueled by vast amounts of coffee. No coffee, no sew.

    1. Hi Meg, Thanks for your lovely comment! Just had a peek at your blog and it looks so inspiring. I’m really looking forward to an exciting year with my sewing machine! Tif


      1. Thank you! Blogging has really motivated me to connect with other sewers.
        I’m really interested to see what patterns you’re gonna use, I think it’s a coco you’re wearing and it is lovely. Here’s to 2016 being filled with beautiful me-made clothes!! From the stash!!!!! 🙂

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